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What is ClassyCrow?

ClassyCrow is a love letter to all the things that excited us when we were kids –  Zelda, Indiana Jones, Street Sharks, Golden Eye battles, trips to comic-book shops, the smell of freshly unboxed toys; all the things that inspired backyard adventures and bleary 3 am n64-athons. It’s a way for us to never really grow up, and help other people keep their inner child alive. And it’s about the new things that excite us they way they would have if we were twelve.

We want to bring fandoms the collectables, clothes, toys, prints (and whatever else we can think of) they love, with the quality, attention, and artistic flare they deserve.


Who is ClassyCrow?

Self portrait

In 2014, after years of toiling for the man, artist Stephen Dye decided to quit his day job and started working for himself. His idea: make a place where he and other schlubs like him could make an honest buck by sharing the things that they create. So he set himself along the dark and lonely path, endured countless hours of web development tutorials, learned the dark art of resin casting, fought demons (literal ones- not the personal kind). And slowly, painfully, emerging the frothy innards of his mind, ClassyCrow was born!

You can see more of Stephen’s work here.

He looks forward to using his background as shirt designer, screen printer, animator, game developer, illustrator, sculptor, and veterinary clinic janitor to bring you the finest goods.

The most important person.

There is another someone that we mustn’t forget. An individual so important that ClassyCrow would be nothing without their support, passion and feedback. This someone is smart, discerning, attractive (probably works out) and isn’t afraid to be different. Who is this someone? Why it’s YOU, of course! We want you to be part of what we are doing, we want to honor the things you love, to make shirts, toys, posters, that you’d be proud to own. So don’t be a gull. Be a Crow.